Reach out, Ambassador !!

Outreach, its something God wants us to be involved in for He left us a Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20).   I was telling our church just last evening to pray for our outreach through a local newspaper (The Valley) which covers quite a lot of territory in our area.  God has opened up the door for some free press through it and so I have started to write some articles dealing with the book of Revelation.   The first issue will come out next month and can be read online as well as in the old fashioned hard copy.   Here’s the link if you want to see an issue of the paper:       So if you know someone in our area let them know of our church and our articles in this paper and help the cause of Christ !

But, outreach !  We should always be looking for opportunities to reach others for Christ for this is God’s passion. He died for us and loves the world and is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). Question is, is His passion yours?   What could you do to reach out to others?  Perhaps a start is to show some kindness to someone, or invite someone to your church this coming week.  Maybe you can hand them a gospel tract or share with them something God has shown you lately or how you came to Christ !    Asking God each day to help you to live by His strength so He can be seen through your life is also a powerful means of reaching out to the lost.  Paul wrote of our responsibility as believers in 2 Cor.5:20, “Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ.  . .”.     An ambassador is an important and privileged position for our nation.  I remember not too many years ago when Shirley Temple was chosen as an ambassador for the USA to Ghana.   She was a wonderful choice to represent our country.  And God feels the same way about you to the unsaved !    You are His child if you are truly saved and so too are you His special envoy to a dying world.  Take this duty not lightly but seriously today and reach out to someone for Him !!

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