Christmas Eve Plans

Well it’s Christmas Eve !  What are your plans for today ?  Open gifts, have a special dinner with family, head off to a Candlelight service, finish up some last minute shopping?  We tend to have our plans for these special days.  God’s plan over two thousand years ago now was taking on flesh.  Leaving heaven and taking on humanity for you and I !   What a plan !

When we make plans it normally comes down to what we want to do.  Not that God didn’t want to do what He did that first Christmas but the plan was pure selflessness, true love indeed.  That is one thing we can learn from this Christmas plan, namely when you make plans make them with true love and selflessness in mind.  How will the plans you make affect others, is it really going to glorify God or moreso gratify you?   Paul wrote the Corinthians some wonderful things and one of the maxims he wrote under the inspiration of God was “Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” (1Cor.10:31).  This Christmas, this year make plans that truly put God and others first !!!

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