Mining for nuggets !!

Studying the Bible is somewhat like panning for gold. There are nuggets awaiting our discovery as we put forth the effort. And once we find them it’s truly exciting !  I was preparing for our Wednesday night Bible study and studying Psalms 77 and while looking at verse 16 understood something fascinating. The verse says, “The waters saw Thee, O God, the waters saw Thee; they were afraid; the depths also were troubled.”  (My apologies to any folks reading this who were there Wednesday but  I think this nugget needs repeating.)

What Asaph was talking about was the exodus where Israel was walking through the Red Sea and he uses powerful poetic imagery to describe an even more powerful truth !  He writes that the waters that had been parted were terrified by God and His power.  And the nugget that bursts forth to us through this is that whatever problem you face, no matter how deep the water is you are going through, the truth is that your problem fears your God more !  In short, God is in control and greater than any problem you have !!  Asaph was endeavoring to get us to fixate on the fact that God is GREAT, period !

Our problem often with our problems is we mentally reduce God to a place of power below our problem !  And that is ludicrous, God cannot truly be reduced so for He is great !  Do you have a problem today or one that’s looming ahead?  Bear in mind you have a God Who is greater !  “. . .who is so great a God as our God?” (vs.13) – we DO WELL to remember this simple yet dynamic nugget about the Lord !!   Makes ya wanna study that Bible a tad more, eh?

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