[1]  THIS coming Sunday there is Junior Church for children ages, 5-11 and our Adult Sunday School class is in the Book of Nehemiah at 9:45 a.m, then at 10:45 a message on the Strategy of Satan !    Following this Sunday’s service is a special time of fellowship with a Potluck dinner !!!

[2]  Thankful for so many of you who love God in our church and a special shout out to Nancy King for her 90th birthday !!! You have been so faithful to the Lord for so many years !!!!!!

[3] Keep our ailing loved ones in your prayers:  Connie Braucht for an upcoming bone marrow transplant & Frank Harpster as he deals with lung cancer. Bob Cross & Dave Watkins also could use your prayers with health issues as well.

[4] Be in prayer for our nation and world, and especially our own area for souls to be saved !  Ask God to give you opportunities to share the gospel with people, ask Him to help you see those opportunities and for the courage to speak for Him so that people understand how to be saved & get saved !!

[5]  There is a church dinner planned after the service on June 4th !!!  Bring a dish to pass and if you like a dessert also.

[6] Pray for your church and its dear folks every day !!! We welcome Bob & Maggie Cross as our newest members !!   You are also encouraged to become an official member if you haven’t done so already.

[7]  Remember our shutins in your prayers and visit or send an occasional note !!!! 

[8] Remember our FB group called Nittany Baptist Church Prayer & Praise to connect with others about prayer requests or to encourage others spiritually.

[9] Remember to feed your mind and soul with good reading materials and music from our church bookstore. A recent shipment of the book The Battle for the Beginning has just arrived concerning the need to uphold the Bible’s account of creation and not accomadate science so-called !

(10) There is a special conference on June 9 at 1 pm near Hershey, PA sponsored by Lions for Liberty about  what’s ahead for us as a nation and issues around the scamdemic ! We are interested in truth as a church and want to encourage you to attend this to hear the truth.

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !! ****** 

(12) Pray this week for the Dillons in Israel.



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