[1]  Thanks to all who came this past Lord’s Day & the Lord sends you an invitation for this coming Wednesday at 6:30 pm for another look into His precious Word !!

[2]  The next Men’s Fellowship will THIS Thursday, June 20 at 6 pm !! Also, join us for  very special Concert on Wednesday, June 26 at 6:30 pm !

[3] Keep our ailing loved ones in your prayers:  Keep Connie Braucht in your prayers, she has seen great progress but is having some problems of late.  And, for Dan Keller’s sister Kathy as she is awaits to see if a novel treatment for cancer has worked, pray it has !  Also, for Elin K who is undergoing treatment for cancer.  

[4] Be in prayer for our nation and world, and especially our own area for souls to be saved !  Ask God to give you opportunities to share the gospel with people, ask Him to help you see those opportunities and for the courage to speak for Him so that people understand how to be saved & get saved !!

[5] Our nation is under assault from Satanic forces, pray for our country !!!  Above all be a great Ambassador for Christ each day with your witness for Him !!

[6] Pray for your church and its dear folks every day !!! We welcome Robey Tulak as our newest member !

[7]  Remember our shutins in your prayers and visit or send an occasional note !!!! 

[8] Remember our FB group called Nittany Baptist Church Prayer & Praise to connect with others about prayer requests or to encourage others spiritually.

[9] Remember to feed your mind and soul with good reading materials and music from our church bookstore. We also have Our Daily Bread devotional and Bible reading schedules for you to help you stay on track with the Lord each day !

(10) We have many attenders we would love to see join our church, see the Pastor if interested.

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !! ****** 

(12) Pray this week for the Dillons as they hope to get their visa approved this week.



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