Apache Helicopters and Jefferson Bibles

Sunday afternoon I was treated to the impressive sound of Apache helicopters soaring overhead as they lifted off from the military museum in our neighborhood.   Every year at this time in anticipation of Memorial Day they fly in and people get a chance to see them up close along with other miltary vehicles and personnel.  It’s awesome to behold and pumps up your patriotic heart !   Earlier that morning as I left for church a large military transport vehicle passed by me with two young soldiers perched atop and I gave them a proud salute as we whizzed past each other.     I have always been proud to be an American and even though we have not been perfect as a nation we have a rich spiritual heritage that few, if any, past nations can match.  I cannot visit Washington, Mount Vernon or Gettsyburg without shedding a tear somewhere in the trip or feeling intensely proud to be American.   When you read untainted, non-revisionist histories of our country you find that the men and women who helped birth America were by and large people who loved the Lord and truly served their country, rather than the kind of folks who serve themselves while occupying their elected office.

Many of our past presidents were born again men and even those who weren’t had a basic respect for God’s Word that is so missing today in our leaders.   I have been reading a great book called the “Jefferson Lies” in which the author refutes the errors told us today about this great and honorable third president of the United States.   Jefferson gave much of his money to the spread of the gospel and his “Jefferson Bible” often said to be his hacked version of the Word of God (purportedly literally cutting out the miracles and other doctrines he didn’t believe) was in fact a Bible that was  a condensed version in which missionaries could be better able to reach the Indians, a people whom Jefferson cared very much for in spiritual terms !  Kind of like how we might void harder to understand portions while teaching a child until they progress.

And another book ,which I loaned to a woman who attends our church, “On Being George Washington” is outstanding and this woman told me her mom read it also and I believe rightly assessed that it ought to be mandatory reading for all students in high school !  If you can obtain a copy you won’t be disappointed.  But my point today is, from the power and patriotism aroused by our military, the passion and principle of right in many of our Founders, there is I believe one common source from which such greatness derives: the Lord Himself, the One Who alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Jn.14:6).   Like Washington and Jefferson, these men stood for something more enduring than themselves and their own lives, intellects and popularity. They’d both been raised with good religious instruction and they held to it, they believed we truly are endowed by our “Creator with certain unalienable rights”, they believed in “nature’s God”.      What you’re learning of God, while in church or in private and held tenaciously to by faith is what will continue to make America great.  What you teach and model to your children has a powerful effect on them when it is what God has said, so don’t waver in it !     Stand firm on His Word, friend because the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword !! (Heb.4)   Be a great American today and perpetuate and honor the memory of those our spiritual siblings who stood well before us !!!

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