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REAL Help for your Fears !

Perhaps one of the things making people the most anxious through this coronavirus pandemic is “fear of the unknown”. Scientists and medical experts freely admit there is still much to learn and a panicked public hangs on to their every word looking for hope and for concrete answers. In a similar fashion, death and what […]

Shakin’ up but Shapin’ up !!

It is strange to have a routine of decades change so dramatically and suddenly ! I sit in my office early on a Sunday morning writing a devotional blog when normally I’d be prepping for actual church services. But in light of the worldwide pandemic God has, in His providence, allowed a halt to this […]

Invisible Foes, Invisible Friends !

One of the things about this coronavirus that is so unsettling is that you cannot see this enemy ! Therefore medical experts are teaching us to assume the virus is on everything. With this in mind you are much more careful not to touch surfaces where it may be lurking. They do not want it […]

HAPPY about this whole VIRUS thing?

For those who came to church recently I preached a message from the first four verses in James so if you have a Bible handy take a moment to open it and read those verses but before you do take another moment to ask God to open up your understanding to what you are about […]

The Coming Storm

The entire Northeast is bracing itself for an impending blizzard. Snow is predicted to come fast with many many inches too. Stores have been crammed with people bringing home needed supplies to weather the storm ahead. A wise precaution in advance of such an event ! But we Christians know there is an even greater […]

God is Reaching out to YOU all the time !

Every single one of us has had those times when it feels like our prayers get as far as from our head to our lips. We wonder where is God in all this mess we call the world or even our life!! Yet Psalms 19 offers some great hope and insight for such times in […]