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Call the Plumber !

Its early yet in the day and I had what you might call a bitter sweet experience already. We’ve had a leak with some plumbing so I’d set up a visit from our plumber. The bitter is I now owe him, the sweet is he fixed it !  But what a blessing knowing we can remove the […]

Have you had your bath today?

In Ps.119:9 the psalmist poses the age old question “wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?”  Young or old, even a saved person struggles with this since the sin nature still is a part of our makeup until we go home to glory.  In the meantime, what can we do?   For starters he says […]

On Sunday enjoy a FEAST: Good challenges with great content from the Word then a Potluck Dinner !! Our NEW location is 3939 S. Atherton St in State College (click here to learn more)

Sunday services are now at the Heritage Run Complex in State College located at 3939 S. Atherton St.  !!  (See below): We  continue the Pillars of Christian Character with the next “pillar” this coming Sunday at 9:30 a.m.   Join us on Sunday as we look at John 15 in our Morning Service at  10:45 […]

Heavenly Blogs

For some of you reading this, blogs may be familiar as you have surfed the internet. For others this may be a first.  The term “blog”  was coined from “weblog” as a kind of journal people make online.  Most blogs on the “net” are likely going to be the ramblings of people with too much […]


Why do we call them devotions? Because its a time we are to spend giving or devoting ourselves to the Lord to develop our relationship with Him and to know Him better.  David, in Ps.119:1-2, spoke of being “blessed” as he spent time with God.  The word speaks of happiness. So what does God say is […]