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The Good News and the Bad News

I enjoy reading the news each day but have to admit sometimes it can be a bit of a downer when you see played out the sinfulness of men.  Recently there have been some awful tragedies and loss of life in Norway purportedly by another mad man.  But, even amongst the doom and gloom, for […]

A Tribute to Chief

Last year a great man went to heaven. E. Robert Jordan was a pastor, educator and church planter. He was my pastor, mentor and friend. We called him Chief since that was his nickname from his Navy days as a Chief Petty Officer and he never lost that “Chief” mentality, ha !  When I first […]

All Stressed up and no place to go?!

Listen to anyone for a while and usually the word “stressed” will come up. Their job, family situation, a relationship, a deadline – something brings stress and we talk about it maybe hoping in some way that sharing it with others will alleviate the stress.  And sometimes it does, sometimes it’s more that misery enjoys company […]

The Empty Nest Syndrome, Kinda Sorta

Have you noticed any baby birds around your house this year that are at the cusp of learning to fly? Seems like this has been a banner year near our home for that. Just the other night our cat Abby had one cornered outside and I had to remind her mice are fair game, little birds […]

Yes its hot out there, but. . .

I was 18 or 19 when I walked into the Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale, PA for the first time. I heard this short but dynamic preacher preach a brief sermon called “Hell is No Joke”.   It wasn’t for a regular church service but a youth activity where they had brought a great number of […]

A lesson from a good ole Pooch

Nearly every morning “Pooch” stops by our door for his daily dose of protein from the neighbors, namely me ! Yep, Pooch is a dog owned by our neighbors and knows I’m a soft touch.  But he’s a good ole boy. So I grab a piece of bologna or some other meaty thing and he […]

A New Birth

Its always great to hear of the news that someone you know is going to have a baby. This summer we got news our son and his wife are expecting their first child (sah-weet !!), we have a great young couple coming to our church who look to have their first in the fall too.  […]

Arts Fest of a Different Sort

Happy Valley hosts art festivals every time this year and though I’m not an artsy guy it is interesting to look at how talented and how unique some of the art is. Within the hundreds of booths there are hundreds of different ways to express talent. And whether or not an artist is a Christian […]

TGIF ?? TGED !!!

TGIF, we’ve all heard or used that acronym for “Thank God It’s Friday”.   It’s an understandable expression for the 40+ hour a work week person or busy student.  But the psalmist had a different perspective when he wrote “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”    […]

Why waddle when you can fly !

On the way to church last night Nancy & I had an interesting distraction.  Several tiny baby ducks were at the edge of a very busy highway and they were incredibly perplexed. The noise level of oncoming traffic, the sudden swoosh of tractor trailers going by just inches from their tiny fuzzy bodies, and the […]