Two Babies this week !!

It’s a brand new week !  Yep, time to march forward into a new week in this adventure known as life.  You never know what God has in store for you. Last week was very eventful for our family as we saw a new addition in our first biological grandchild and then to cap off the week I was also privileged to witness a second birth !!  Nope not a baby, this birth was a 67 year old man.  He was born again !!!

I have known his wife through a car loan we’d secured several years back and from time to time see her. She’s a wonderful Christian woman and we usually have some nice chats.  But a couple days ago I saw her and she was a little down and after asking why she said her husband had been taken to the hospital with a severe problem and it definitely scared them. Thankfully the doctors are resolving it but God nonetheless used it in his life to get him to think of things from a spiritual standpoint.

So I went to see him last evening and after a little chit chat about his situation the conversation was then turned to spiritual matters. I asked him had he died did he know he’d go to heaven. He told me very honestly, “No” !  So I proceeded to share with him the good news of the gospel and not long into it he was ready to accept the Lord !

When Jesus stood with His disciples prior to ascending back into heaven and told them to go make disciples he used an interesting choice of words in Matthew 28. Look at them:  “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. . .”  (Mt.28:19).   In the participial form here it has this idea, “As you are going”. In short, He assumes you will be going.  We go to the store, work, church, a lot of places and when we are going God will present to you those grand opportunities to share the Word so that people may be “birthed” into His kingdom.  And you my friend, are who He intends to be the “baby doctor” !   At times, we’re fearful, or too busy, too distracted, too oblivious – but we must be sensitive to God’s working amongst us and seize those opportunties while they come. Life is a grand adventure in which the Maker of the Universe chooses to use YOU for His great work.  Pray for His strength, boldness, wisdom & to be sensitive to those opportunities “redeeming the time because the days are truly evil (short)”. But one of the greatest  blessings in both physical and spiritual births is not the pain often leading up to them but the joy when the “baby” comes !!   This 67 year old “babe in Christ” was all smiles when he finished his “sinners prayer” ! And so too was the “baby doctor” 🙂  Enjoy the adventure this week !!!  Stay focused on it, despite all you do.

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