Had a Bad Day?

It is one more day to what we now call “Good Friday”.  But from all appearances to the first disciples such a day was anything but good. As they saw things that day, their lives were in great turmoil. Their Lord had been seized and tortured and they were in fear for their own lives having been associated with Jesus of Nazareth. Is it any wonder Peter denied Him three times?

And what about poor Mary who watched her Son in great humility die a very cruel and painful death? Is it any wonder the aged Simeon predicted what he did some decades previous that “Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also” (Lk.2:35). And how about Christ Himself  Who’d suffered much this “Good Friday” from the very get go (midnight on) by suffering spiritually and emotionally in that garden, it was not a banner night it would be an even worse day ahead. Then the insults at His “trial”, at His scourging the physical pain and mocking and before Pilate and the crowds as they chanted for His death in exchange for wicked Barabbas?  All this before the nails pierced His body !  Yep, “Good Friday” !  None of us has ever had such a bad day, no matter what your worst has been like. Nor will we !!!

But through all the bad that “Good Friday”, something truly good was unfolding !!  Yes, Satan was wreaking havoc, but God, in His infinite wisdom, can take Satan’s worst and backfire it on him and this was the greatest backfire of all time.  What was developing as bad, God turned to fantastic and eternal good !  The payment for man’s sin was secured on this “Good Friday” and Satan’s bad days truly began as Genesis predicts his crushing defeat at the cross with the very first prophecy in all of Scripture, “. . . it (the seed of woman [Christ] ) shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.”  (Gen.3:15).  Note that the bruising was of a more vital area (the head) in which Satan was dealt a crushing blow as the Hebrew suggests. So he got the bad Friday when it all comes down to it !!

Maybe today is a bad day for you, or yesterday was. Perhaps tomorrow will be.  Just remember this: You serve the God of the entire universe and He has made that day and He can use any day, no matter how bad it looks at first, to something really good.  You just keep doing what His Word says and God can turn any bad into something very, very good !  One of the lessons of “Good Friday” is just this, that God can take the WORST of our days and turn them into something extremely good.  But just as those early disciples, you need to exercise faith in Him and His Word to realize it.  Have a GREAT day !!!!

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