All that help and a bag of chips

Did you hear about the man on the New York subway who broke up a fight the other day?    Apparently a woman was being stalked and as she got on the train she confonted the man following her, started yelling at him and then lifted a foot in his direction and kicked him good !  The cowardly stalker kicked her back and as an altercation ensued a man munching on a stack of pringles casually came over in between them to break it up and protect the woman.  Later he remarked, “Typically, I mind my own business on the train. In this case, I thought someone may have needed help. I would consider myself a helpful person as well as a bit of a ‘snacker,’ “.   Now I’m starting to wonder if the Good Samaritan was into snacks !

Anyway,  I’m reminded of a verse from the “apostle of love”, John where he wrote, “But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” (1 Jn.3:17).  God is love (4:8, 16) and that should be a rather obvious trait in us all as His children.   That should manifest itself in times when we see others under duress.  Do what God would have you do for others then – like pray for them and letting them know you are can be highly uplifting to them, or lending a hand or giving a few bucks when appropriate, or a word fitly spoken.     Perhaps its simply yet powerfully manifesting Christ’s love by showing preference to another person (holding a door, giving up your seat, etc.) or being thoughtful or considerate (this shows you are trying to understand their world and gets you out of self-absorption mode) in some way.  What a delight it is to see the smile that comes to a face when others recognize you have shown consideration to THEM in some way.   In our area, I try to extend this as much as possible to Muslims when I get the opportunity. It keeps me from feeling ill of them and lets them know as Americans we don’t all hate them or suspect them of dastardly deeds and if they thought ill of us its a powerful way of counteracting that.

So what do you have that you can extend to others today?  I’ll wager its more than a stack of pringles !   You have Christ IN you if saved, and that means you can  show compassion, you can rise out of your little world to impact the lives of others in need.  You can powerfully affect lives through your prayers, you can take some of the time God gives you to ease the burdens of those  who’s lives are so busy they wonder if God is giving them the same amount !   Be a Good Samaritan today !!

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