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I was counselling a couple recently and it was exciting to see God’s Word giving them hope ! As we came to a conclusion in our session the wife was smiling and seeing light at the end of the tunnel and as they left the husband looked me square in the eye with tears of joy in his eyes and said “Thank you so much !”    When people “take the medicine” (God’s medicine  – the Word), they truly begin to heal.

As we were discussing the problems I couldn’t help but notice a lot of negativity on the part of one of the person’s, so I asked, “How much time are you spending carefully reading the Bible?”  The answer back was: “I have tried and I don’t get much out of it, it’s hard for me to understand.” I really believe that is a huge reason for much of the toxic thinking and consequently, the toxic behavior we have.  People can label things all they want, disorder this, disorder that, but bottom line is when our minds are not saturated with the Truth, we will slip into the kind of thinking where we can’t see anything but the negative, where hope escapes our reason and discouragement and depression set in.

Athlete’s (especially the pros) know the vast importance of majoring on the basics.  If you have watched sports for even a little bit of time you have likely seen a star athlete drop a ball that you think “Man, I coulda even caught that one !”   Why? They fail to do something they were likely taught as a child when first practicing their sport, like “Look the ball in as it comes to you, don’t get ahead of yourself !!”  It’s easy to neglect the spiritual basics, especially when things seem to us to be going quite well, (“I’m kinda busy today so I will read more tomorrow”, “I’m kinda bored with my devotions”, etc.)  but as believers its imperative we stay in the Word.  Note what Peter’s contribution to this subject was: “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby” (1Pt.2:2)  “But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. . . ” (2Pt.3:18).     Notice two common words in both verses? GROW – if you ain’t readin, ya ain’t gonna grow my friend ! – PERIOD – the alternative is stagnation, trouble, turmoil – methinks I will read my Bible !!

After suggesting some places to read and practical things to do to enhance understanding the Scriptures I assured them both that changes in their marriage would be forthcoming that they would be pleased about.   But also, negative thinking that becomes such a pattern is not often easily rooted out, it takes diligence on our part to conquer it, so if you struggle with a lot of negative thoughts, keep countering them with the Word.  Stay at it and “in due time you shall reap if you faint not” (Gal.6:9).  Even secular experts claim alongside Christian counsellors that if you do something  every day for 21 days it is very much likely that you will establish it as a habit !  Why not make a commitment to read for 21 days straight (Gee, the Gospel of John happens to have 21 chapters? How about that?!) and watch how your mind is bettered, a great habit is built into your life and you are then able to be a blessing to in turn counsel someone else to a better way of thinking and living – FOR CHRIST !!!

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