Have a Blessed Easter

Happy Easter to all  and a few ramblings for you !! What a wondrous holiday we have as believers, not only does the Resurrection mean our faith is right and above all others but it guarantees our own resurrection and means we can also tap into His strength each day ourselves.  As I was preaching the sunrise service at our church I finished with the seven sayings of Christ in His cross and when He uttered in Jn.19:30 “It is finished” or “tetelestai” in the language He said it, He gave a victory statement unparalleled in the annals of history !  The price has been paid once and for all for even the tense of that Greek word indicates there is no further need of any other sacrifice, hence once you truly accept Him as your Savior your soul is eternally secure ! That is great news !

But that final verbal stamp of victory was further authenticated the very first Easter morn when He arose triumphant over death itself !!  He is risen said the angel, just as He said.   The heavenly messenger reminds us all when God speaks, He means it !  So should we if we are to be like Him.  You can count on His Word, so when this life is past you too will be risen to newness, no more sin, sorrow or sickness !!  Happy Easter, God has good things in store for YOU, why else would He go through all the hassle that first Easter if not so?!

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