Call the Plumber !

Its early yet in the day and I had what you might call a bitter sweet experience already. We’ve had a leak with some plumbing so I’d set up a visit from our plumber. The bitter is I now owe him, the sweet is he fixed it !  But what a blessing knowing we can remove the dish that caught the annoying drips and we’re back in business, ha !

Proverbs talks about drips too.  Twice in this book of wisdom a contentious or scrappy woman is likened to the steady, annoying dripping of water:  “. . .the contentions of a wife are a continual dropping” (19:13) &  “A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike”  (27:15).     Now I’m blessed with the opposite kind of wife yet at times, male or female, isn’t it so easy to become a  “drip”?     Something happens we don’t like and rather than find the blessing in it we let out a dribble of disgust.  We start to take our focus off the Lord and we become cranky and say things we later regret. After a while if we don’t call our great Plumber to fix the leaks we become a lot like that woman Solomon referred to in those verses.   So when you feel yourself getting a little leaky in your spiritual life, call on the “Plumber”. The bitter is you are forced to confront your sin but the sweet is you’re back in business in your Christian life !

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