Whether its a pandemic or whatever the national crisis God’s people are the KEY to real healing, Listen to a well known verse briefly explained and applied to help you and everyone in your nation in 2 Chronicles 7:14

Pleasing God

What should our aim be in life? To be happy or be holy?!  How do we come to a place where our passions don’t control us?  Listen to the wisdom God gives us in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 !!

The Splendor of Easter !

Mark’s account of the Resurrection of Jesus can help us to see more colorfully and vibrantly. Instead of the dullness and dim perspectives we often see trudging through life, look through God’s “lenses” so you see more as He does and others see Him through you !!

Overcoming Rejection !

When you feel the pain of rejection, remember as a child of God you are ACCEPTED by Him Who knew the greatest rejection ever !!   Take heart from what is found in Colossians 1 !!!  Palm Sunday Sermon #2


The Perfect Pattern & Priceless Payment

Jeremy Peck lays out the Perfect Pattern of Jesus as He suffered on the cross and the Priceless Payment for You to Go to Heaven and Find the Abundant Life here !    Palm Sunday Sermon #1

Keep Your Chin Up ! ~ 1 Thess.2:13-16

Everyone has those times when you want to just quit, when you become so discouraged.  This exposition of 1 Thess.2:13-16 shows you two blessings that can help lift you from those dark times to press on with renewed vigor for the Lord !  Listen to what the Lord has to say to YOU through these four verses !!

Divine Motivations for Dire Times ~ 1 Thessalonians 1

The opening chapter of this great book has some highly encouraging things to say to YOU, particularly when life gets tough.   Enjoy the positive message unpacked from this chapter !

A Psalm of Stability

In Psalm 57 David found himself in a cave fearing for his life !   Are you in a ” cave”?   Do you know someone who is?  When things get so difficult, what do you do? You do what David did here, listen to the three key traits of God that brought David hope & actual help !!       Pastor Reese exposits this great Song of Stability, sit back and feed on the encouragement God’s Word has for YOU too !!!!!

Principles for Biblical Music by Dr. Bill Dillon, Ambassador Baptist College

Dr. Dillon tackles a controversial subject and one which many Christians will not humbly consider.  Nonetheless this is very needful for us as believers today.   We have fallen into “I want to listen to what I LIKE” rather than what Eph.5:10 says, “proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.”  When the devil can get us to the place of preferring me over the Lord’s Word we are in trouble, so listen with a teachable spirit to this wonderful message !