He’s in charge

One does not have to live long in this world to see that evil men at times seem to be winning.  Seem, of course, is the operative word for in a game the eventual loser can at times be ahead, until time is up !  But as in a game we need to remember as believers that we ARE on the winning team and though evil gets an edge in this old world at times, evil’s days are numbered !!  Bullies aren’t relegated only to elementary schools they grow up and achieve positions of power over us in companies, governments and sadly even at times in our churches. And they abuse their authority over those under them and God does not look upon this lightly, especially when it comes to His kids !  So don’t fret or lower yourself to their level when you are oppressed in some way, He’s in charge !!

As I read the second psalm recently I was impressed by the idea in it that no matter what evil men may do, God is in charge, period !! “He that sits in the heavens shall laugh”  and what is God laughing about?  Evil men thinking they can possibly oppose the Lord with any success !   The psalm ends with the simple yet ultimately wise admonition: “Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him”.   Evil men are not doing this.  They trust in themselves, their money, their “wisdom”, their “power”, etc.  They trample people to get ahead, to achieve more domination of others yet in the end they will know the wrath and justice of the Almighty.  And we who strive to live each day trusting Him will go on to enjoy eternity forever with Him and all those who have been truly saved.   So our duty is to keep trusting God, He will exact justice and perfectly so !!   He’s in charge, make sure He is in charge of you too !!!

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