Take a Chill pill

Not every week, but occasionally, we’ll have a scripture reading during the morning service and we did today. We read from Ps.147 and how appropriate it was with a little snow on the ground and some very cold temps here.  The psalm begins  with a call to speak well of or praise God saying it is a good thing to do so and fitting or as the KJV translates it “comely”.   He knows how many stars there are and has them all named, in fact (vs.4). This understandably elicits the writer to exclaim, “GREAT is our Lord, and of great power, His understanding is infinite.” (vs.5).

As the psalm winds down though, continuing to extol and thus remind us of  God’s greatness [and we need to be when we worry, fear, etc],  it speaks of God’s control of the weather, including the snow:  ” He sendeth forth His commandment upon earth: His Word runneth very swiftly. He giveth snow like wool He scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes. He casteth forth His ice like morsels: who can stand before His cold?  He sendeth out His Word, and melteth them: He causeth His wind to blow, and the waters flow.” (vss.15-18).  Brrr , these verses make me cold reading them!!! Maybe I should reread them in July and save some money on air conditioning then !

Seriously, though, God is in perfect control of His creation, whether you be in Tahiti or the tundra regions, He knows what is needed and issues His orders to the elements to do His bidding.  Remember Jesus telling that old storm on the Sea of Galilee to take a chill pill and it immediately quieted down?  Remember how God used Moses to part the Red Sea?  God’s in charge and we must never forget it.  Oh we complain about the weather, and endure the cold but God knows what He’s doing.  Nahum understood this when he wrote, “He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers. . . the mountains quake at Him, and the hills melt” (1:4-5).

Oh the weather agencies try to predict the trends and forecast the upcoming storms but God does what He wants with the weather and this world, I may complain but I must understand He knows best. Being part of His creation we must come to the place that we allow Him to shape us no matter what He may allow: sun or rain, snow or heat – He is giving what we need, when we need it for His glory.  Enjoy the snow, it’ll be in the 90’s again before you know it !!

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