Christmas on Sunday – what do you REALLY think?

How many days till Christmas now?  There’s a big sign for people coming home from church (at least if they head west) that is counting down the days till the holiday arrives. Our grandson, Ty, knows them – he needs no such sign, math has done him well ! Maybe too well, ha ! I was chatting with one of our nieces last evening and she has only four more finals left and then she is psyched to come to Pennsylvania for Christmas. At any rate, the anticipation builds, the shopping, wrapping, baking, all the stuff that we want done so that we can have a joyous Christmas continues in a frenetic pace towards Dec.25 !  And unless Jesus arrives before then in the Rapture it will come again and we’ll enjoy the day off with family and maybe even some friends. Its become a very big deal, this holiday, even amongst unbelievers.  Ask any kid and they will likely tell you this is THE best holiday of the year, and of course we know why for most of them !   Ask most adults and they are prone to agree Christmas is at the top of the pecking order as far as celebrations.  We look forward to all the joy that comes with it and seeing family again.

But this year it falls on a Sunday. What? Sunday?  Awww bummer, I’ve heard some churchgoing people say.  When I hear that it sounds like they are implying, church is getting in the way of my celebration of Christmas !  It means, if we do have the maturity spiritually that the first day of the week is to be a time for worshipping in God’s house amongst His people, that deep down we may wrestle with, “Yeah but I wish it we didn’t have to disrupt our traditions !”  Christmas on Sunday is an excellent way for the Lord to remind us its really not about us or even our families, but Him. One great gift you can give to Him this year is being in His house with a willing and grateful heart, thankful for the gift of His Son, His servants, His church, His Word !   Its a reminder in putting first things first, “seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Mt.6:33) rather than what we want to do or have “always done”.

And consider this also. When you walk out your door Christmas morning to head off to church and most others are still in their jammies wading through strewn presents and paper and glance out their windows and see you with Bible in hand you are showing them something very powerful and wonderful.  You are showing them  just how much Christmas and the One Who came to us that first Christmas means to you. You are being a witness that above everything else, God is first place ! And Moms & Dads what a GREAT lesson to teach your children too, that we don’t leave God and His house (our church) in the dust over family tradition. God is first in our home !!  You are, in essence, giving them all a great gift too !  Paul said, “Redeeming the time because the days are evil” (Eph.5:16) He meant to take advantage of life’s opportunities when they come because time is drawing short when your opportunities will be gone here !! This Christmas you have an awesome opportunity !  So Christmas on Sunday – “Bah humbug”??   I think not – Hallelujah !!!

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