YOU get to go to church today !!

There’s a scene in the movie “The Rookie” where the leading actor who is a baseball player says to one of the other players, “We get to play baseball today !!”   He was psyched to do what he loved.  Well, it’s the Lord’s Day again and for the Christian the day should also provide a sense of great excitement.  What will I learn from the Bible today? What spiritual trait will be nurtured in me?  What truth will I need to be reminded of ? How will the Holy Spirit work today to speak to me through His Word?  What new friendships might I make or old ones cultivated ?   Will the Pastor tell me some funny story (doubt it !) or a moving illustration?

Errrrrrrk !!! (sound of brakes) — wait a minute, I’ve got the spiritual cart before the horse here.  It’s the LORD’S DAY not mine !  Yet how often do we really think otherwise, that’s its all about me?  We can disagree with the seeker sensitive type churches that they place an undue emphasis on what people want rather than what God wants (and we should disagree with that philosophy), but how about you?  Have you let church become stale & stifling to your soul because you’ve gotten in a rut of  “it’s all about me”?    

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus wound down the sixth chapter with a very familiar verse. In fact you may often quote it, think it or hear it quoted by others, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. (vs.33)   Though Jesus’ intent was to put the cabosh on worry (“take no thought, saying what shall we eat?. . . (vs.31) & “Take therefore no thought for the morrow”. . . (vs.34), the principle may certainly be applied to all concerns of life.  We should always put God first, especially in HOW we worship and especiallly on the Lord’s Day ! The command to “seek” here is intended that we “keep on seeking” !  God knows we have a tendency to not to do so. So stay at it Christian !!

If you go into God’s house with the mindset of giving totally of yourself to Him then watch what happens !  Sometimes we go in cranky, tired, dull of hearing, distracted, etc, etc, etc.  When you go in with the idea that this is His day, it is about Him. I am going to listen well, give well, sing well, pray well and apply it well watch what happens, all you need and even at times your wants will be added to YOU !    One of the great ironies of how God has designed life is when you really give you really receive, no where is this truer than in worship of the Lord.  So today, and everyday remember, its ALL ABOUT HIM !!  How exciting YOU can make this day for Him !!!!

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