Are you covered?

I received a call today from our church’s insurance company. The agent wants to look at the church as part of a periodic inspection to see if we’re underinsured or they can make a little more money !  My guess is both instances will play out, ha !  At any rate we do want to be sure that the church is covered.  Are you covered?   Odds are if you are reading this you have been saved and are thus covered by the blood of Christ shed at the cross for your sin as John wrote, “And He is the propitiation (covering) for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.” (1Jn.2:2).  John’s readers, especially Jewish ones, understood this word “propitiation” for the blood covered mercy seat symbolized what the Messiah would one day do at Calvary in covering us potentially with His blood from eternal judgment.  This is the best of insurance policies being sealed by His blood and guaranteed by He Who cannot lie !

How about coverings in other ways though?   Have you covered the sin nature well today by immersing yourself in a time of reading the Word?  While this will not remove your sin nature it will help to check it and renew the impure mind we were all born with.   And what about daily confession of sin?  While we have been totally forgiven at conversion and the sin debt has been fully paid in a legal sense we still sin and incur a loss of fellowship with God and sometimes others due to us trying to cover up our sins rather than confess them by truly repenting of them.   If know you something you should deal with with another brother or sister in Christ, don’t let it fester but lovingly uncover it to them and if their heart is bare before God it may be an opportunity to blossom in that relationship and at the same time glorify the Lord and your church !   So are you covered?


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