The Cure for Worry

How incredible is the human mind when you THINK about it ! It’s amazing that we can do that as much as that may be debatable with some folks, ha !   Made up of around 100 billion neurons (the gray matter), these neurons are responsible to send and transmit signals needed for your body to function and survive.  And within the brain are said to be around 100,000 miles of blood vessels all neatly tucked in by the Creator in just the right places to nourish this highly critical part of the human anatomy He has so wisely designed.  Evolutionary achievement or Divine design? I’ll go with the latter !

That leads me to THINK of something very intriguing: how man can use such an elaborate and sophisticated part of his makeup for either right or wrong.  A human being with a brain can choose to harm another person, or can use his mind to help someone in need.   A person can choose to simply trust what the Designer of the brain has said or can chuck it for what he would rather decide.  Such is the case with worry !

When Paul wrote Philippians lets reMIND ourselves (nope I didn’t accidentally hit the CAPS LOCK key there) that he sat in a first century jail where he could’ve easily used his brain to fret over his situation. But instead he chose well. He thought of what he had been taught by the Inventor of the gray matter between his ears and wrote as his brain was inspired of God these wonderful words: “Be careful for nothing, BUT in every thing BY PRAYER and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known unto God. And the PEACE OF GOD, which passeth all UNDERSTANDING shall keep your hearts and MINDS through Christ Jesus.” (Phil.4:6-7).

I’v often taught on this at our church since worrying is such a great temptation for us. It’s one thing to say you’re trusting God but when it really comes to life here it can be a real challenge. Will I worry or use the mind God gave me to trust Him?    Paul was literally telling his friends and US to STOP WORRYING !  You may be THINKING, “easier said than done at times”. But isn’t this where the Bible should be working in our lives? Maybe (going out on a limb here, SHORT one !) God allows our trials at times to teach us to trust Him.   The word “but” (fifth word in the verse) serves as a significant contrast to the SIN of worrying.  Its as if God anticipates us THINKING – “Ok, Lord, what do I do if I can’t worry?”  What we are to use our minds for is changing the non-productive, unspiritual mental activity of worry to the better practice of TRUST !

There is not mental fretting to be done: “in EVERYTHING. . .”   and yes prayer is a great alternative to the inward mental agitation of worrying (“what am I gonna do?”  “how will my kids. . .?” etc – you know the drill) but note the word “thanksgiving” also which is so easily missed here because of prayer.  It implies an acceptance of whatever my lot might be, Paul’s was prison for no justifiable reason, your lot could be also.  The acceptance that God knows EXACTLY what He’s doing in my life, though I’m in a tizzy right now !  So TRUST Him & then take the matter to Him “let your requests be made known” not to yourself as worries do, but “unto God” !!

So what happens when a person chronically worries? Ulcers, high blood pressure, etc.  Not good !  What happens when we adopt the method the Creator of the brain has designed here?   Umm, lets see – “And the PEACE OF GOD. . .SHALL KEEP YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS” !   You got peace WITH God at conversion, you receive peace OF God when you TRUST – You have a brain – you may have things to worry about today – use that wonderful thing between your ears which God gave YOU to decide RIGHT !

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