Daniel 11 – The Anti-Christ’s rise and fall

As this final vision is explained it is broken down into three sections:  (1) The conflict before the 70th “week”, vss.2-35  (2) The conflict during the 70th week or Tribulation period, 11:36-45 &  (3) The prophecy about Israel, 12:1-3.

The first part is already history to us as four Persian kings are spoken of, the fourth being Xerxes (the king of Esther 1:1) followed by Alexander the Great (11:3) then the kings of the “South” (Egypt) and “North” (Syria), vss.5-20.  Then the “little horn” of chapter 8 is the person called “vile” in vs.21.   All these crumbled under the weight of their own greed and pride. Whenever people live their own “kingdoms” according to men’s shifting standards and ways this is sure to happen. The lesson here is live for God if you want to endure !!   This is a large and detailed chunk of chapter 11 and is a testament to God’s veracity or truthfulness as its played out just as predicted and assures us that what He’s said is yet to occur will certainly happen too !!!!

So in vss.36-45 this is future for us.  The person mentioned at the onset is none other than the Anti-Christ !   There seems to be a clue that he is of Jewish lineage (vs37  “neither shall he regard the God of his fathers. . .) and he is devoted instead to the “god of forces”, i.e. he is a military man. Yet his power to win so decisively is due largely to supernatural means (v39 – this “strange god” is demonic).  Here are the order of events depicted in this critical section: [1] a military invasion by the King of the South & North against the Anti-Christ, vs40 (this invasion from the north will topple many countries as they push at the Anti-Christ for world dominion  [2] The Anti-Christ at this time will receive a “deadly wound”  (Rev.13:3) which will inspire awe at the “resurrection” of the Anti-Christ and cause many to be duped and follow him in his ungodly quest    [3] The Northern king continues to drive southward to Egypt, vs43   [4] A “bad report” (from the area of Israel) diverts the King of the North back to Jerusalem, vs44 (likely the news is that the Anti-Christ has come back to life) !    [5] The King of the North is then killed and the Anti-Christ is world dictator now ! vs45     So this section gives us great detail as to the conflict for world control and who will seize it yet the Anti-Christ will be toppled by none other than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords !!!

What we see happening in our world now is merely the laying of the foundation for such events to occur. Terrible things go on now but far far worse things will transpire when these verses are fulfilled.  Aren’t you glad,Christian, you will be raptured out before these?  Aren’t you glad you have THE message to tell others to miss them too?  The Lord gives us some detailed “bad news” here but with Him there is always a silver lining with each cloud, Amen?!

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