David on the Word

I was working a little this morning at memorizing some verses as that is a challenge for our church this week and each verse deals with the Bible. Joshua 1:8; Psalms 19:7 &  Psalms 18:30.  Let me just focus on the ones from the Psalms: “The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul, the testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple.”    David meant that the Scriptures are flawless and one proof is they convert the soul, that is they can restore a broken life and put it on a path for a great reversal !  And he goes on to reiterate the quality and inerrancy of the Word of God by stating it is “sure” or completely reliable and again can take a fool and turn him into a truly wise man !  Surely a testament to the power and credibility of what God has said the Bible is: in fact the very Word of God !  I just threw out an old pair of sneakers I used when mowing, they were so bad the sole came off and so I was walking a little off kilter until I could grab another pair. Fortunately there was something still between my foot and the ground but it did make meel feel as if I was an Indian in moccasins.  I liked them, but they were beyond repair. Any person who will come to God and follow what His Word says though is unlike those old shoes, he is not beyond repair as long as his heart is willing to be repaired and when it is the Word can powerfully restore him !!

Ps.18:30 is similar in that it says, “As for God, His way is perfect, the Word of the Lord is tried; He is a buckler to all those who trust in Him.” David also wrote this and he used the same Hebrew word for “perfect” he did in 19:7 and it means complete, whole, sound. Sometimes we really do question “What is God doing in my life right now with this situation?”  Rest assure His way is best because, as David continues to write, “the Word of the Lord is tried”. That word “tried” was used of the process of smelting or refining precious metals.  The smelter subjects the gold or silver to intense heat for the purpose of removing the impurities in it with the intent that the finished product is more pure.  While he’s saying the Bible has stood the test of intense scrutiny and stands pure and powerful as ever, there is also an associated lesson for us: He does allow the heat to be ratcheted up on us at times to cause the dross the rise to the surface so we can see habits we need to skim off, thinking we must shed, actions and thoughts that are less than pure so that He can purify us too ! Character is revealed in crisis, character is refined also in it too as we heed His “tried” Word. Where do you need to?  Don’t fudge on that, take it to heart and watch the gold start to shine !!

Last, a “buckler” is not what fastens your belt, its an older way to speak of a shield.   If you take God at His Word, do you think He’s going to let you down then? Especially in light of what He has just said about it’s character?  Don’t think so !!! Ha.   Got a crisis now?  A worry? Maybe you should join me and memorize these verses !!

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