Dealing with Suffering

Last night I began a series on Job at our Wednesday Bible study.  It’s a very needful book, as at times, we all suffer and so the lessons in this book are so very helpful. A few days ago a woman was telling me that a teen girl in our church was really struggling with something. When she asked her what was the matter she was told she couldn’t figure out how to load pictures from her cell phone to Facebook. That was what the teenager was suffering that day !  I know I sound old, but if that were the only suffering we faced how easy life would be !   Yet we all know thats not how things are here in this old world. We struggle with much larger and difficult situations but the comforting truth is that as a saved person, we have One Who can even use that suffering for great blessing in our lives.  As we draw closer to Easter, think of what Jesus’ right handling of suffering has done for us all !!

Despite the myriad of problems Jobs encountered he kept the faith and in the end was doubly blessed by the Lord: “. . .the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” (42:10).   And he also came to understand that there can actually be great value when suffering for Christ as he uttered that famous line, “. . .when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (23:10).  Are you suffering today in some way?  Keep living by faith, God knows what is on your plate and He is a “very present help in trouble” (Ps.46:1) and in the end He will bless you greatly !  Do you know someone struggling?  Pray for them, encourage them (not as Job’s “friends” did) but as if you were in the situation yourself and humbly being a support to them as God leads you. And remember what Job said and truly believed, the suffering God allows us to experience can refine us as the smelter refines gold and we come forth dazzling as a godlier child of God !

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