Dealing with Thunder

Last night we awoke to the sounds of thunder cracking and flashes of lightning !   I was reminded of how that used to scare our daughter when she was little until I went into her room one stormy night and talked to her and applied a verse from the Psalms: “What time I am afraid I will trust in Thee.”  (56:3).  One of the huge blessings of being a Christian and having the Bible is the comfort and answers we have !  What can you tell someone dying of cancer if you yourself don’t believe in Jesus Christ?   How can you really help a frustrated parent with their child if you don’t believe the Bible is in fact the Word of God?   What genuine hope can an unsaved person offer to a person who’s experienced a major tragedy?   Aren’t you thankful God has given us answers?!!   Peter said we have everything we need that pertains to life and godliness and much of this is found in the pages of Holy Scripture !

As your week’s beginning, God will place some opportunties before you, no doubt, to be a help and blessing to others.  There may be a fear of a small child, or the tragedy a friend is going through. Remember God has given you, as His child, His answers and consolation. Minister well this week !!

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