A Duck Breakfast

Early this morning I was watching two ducks foraging for their breakfasts.  They’d be swimming along and then all of a sudden  one would go down head under water and all you’d see was the rear end of the duck straight up in the water !  Seems to me grabbing a box of cereal is far easier ! Ha. Yet such is nature and its fascinating to behold.

The ducks have to work for their meals, huh? But in reality, it works similarly for us when you think about it.  Yes, most of us trudge off to work to bring home the bacon but spiritually we put forth the effort to be in our church, and we also are to put forth some effort daily also to take in the spiritual nourishment God has already waiting for us in His Word !   Prior to leading his nation into the Promised Land, God commanded Joshua to do this: “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do all that is written in it; for then you shall make your way prosperous and then you will have good success.” (1:8).

That word “meditate” is from a word having the idea of a cow chewing its cud. She eats her breakfast, and then continues to regurgitate it and chew and chew and chew on it getting the most out it, just as we must contemplate, consider the applications, weigh its message, etc.  God stressed to us that such an intake of spiritual nutrition is to be regular as opposed to the sporadic (day and night) and as we are doing this the Word is ever before our mind so that we are careful, not careless, about the decisions in your path. That you will make them with the God’s revealed Word as your basis !   And as we are, we enjoy true success, not the world’s faulty and fleeting version.

Now sometimes, you need to “fish” a little in the Bible to get what you need, you need to be willing to “dive in” and forage for something from God that will sustain you through some adversity.  And pardon the duck humor, but when you put such effort forth it really does keep you from “quackin’  up” !!   Couldn’t resist !!!      When you do as Joshua was ordered, you draw needed strength and encouragement to keep “swimming” along !!  Let’s face it, it can be a rough world here, we need to see that the effort fishing in the Word is very needful for us to truly prosper in our pilgrimmage here.  So have a ducky day !!!


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