Exercise your voice: politically and prayerfully

Today is primary day here in Pennsylvania.  It’s our chance to exercise our voice in the political process. And if you have not been brainwashed by those who want to obscure and revise our great American heritage, that privilege to vote is something which was secured at a great cost. The cost of shed blood, great periods of time spent away from home and family, great pain and suffering and so forth. Needless to say, I take very seriously the privilege of voting.

But what sometimes happens is when these opportunities come we allow busyness to crowd out going to the polls, we reason what good will my one vote make anyway, or we go not doing a little homework on just who or what we will be voting for. One of the blessings of the internet is that now you can look up your local ballot online before you get there to see what you will be facing and you can take a few moments to look even on your computer about what the candidates stand for. It often doesn’t take much time to see what the values of these people are in their biographies and how they have and would vote or stand on the issues.  And the people involved in our political process who are in it for the power and thus themselves want to do all they can to keep God fearing folks out, including your vote !    But a HUGE reason America became so great early on was that God fearing people not only voted, they engaged in the process and ran for and held office.  As President, Thomas Jefferson, long said to be a secularist who created his own Bible  not liking certain parts (like Jesus’ miracles), made sure missions was conducted to the Indians and approved even federal dollars to do so. And his Bible was not a shredded version to remove what he didn’t agree with but condensed to better reach those native Americans with the gospel by emphasizing the highlights they could better understand !  So Godly principles affected our nation’s highest places. If you have ever went to Washington, DC and looked at the monuments you know what I mean.

Most of us have children or even grandchildren.  What kind of world will they grow up in? Will they still be free citizens with the blessing of being able to have a say, or help shape policy ? If we do our part, we improve their odds, but if we allow ourselves to ignore the process the sad alternative will be encouraged.  Pray often for the political process, even Paul did for the Roman system which was much more flawed than ours, “I exhort (to strongly urge) therefore that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for KINGS, and for ALL that are in AUTHORITY. . . ” (1Tim.2:1-2).  Note the varying words the apostle used to teach us how to pray.  They suggest we think greatly about ways to pray for such individuals rather than a simple “Lord, bless our President today” deal !   Think about what needs they may have and ask God for those, stand in the gap as a New Testament priest for your leaders as they are influenced by evil powers and need to be by godly ones through your intercessions, and instead of falling into typically complaining about them, find something positive to say about them in your prayers !  Don’t get so entrenched with your own life you forget about the impact God can make through yours for others for years to come.


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