Don’t fall for the “science” guys

Bill Nye, the “science” guy, was especially familiar to kids in the 90’s .  He is being very vocal of late that the biblical teaching of creation is harmful to kids and instead they need to be taught evolution. He claims that what will go the way of the dinosaur with extinction is creationism and that the biblical view of the origin of our universe is blocking any real progress scientifically.  As a Christian, such statements we realize are greatly antagonistic to the Scriptures God has given us and so anti-Christ in their spirit.  They smack of what the Lord through Paul’s pen say happen when otherwise intelligent men “suppress the truth” (Rom.1:18), namely “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (vs.22).

Not too many years ago, I was standing in a building on campus with one of the students who had joined our church and he was helping us with recruiting new students. One of his professors saw him standing by our booth which was clearly indentified as from our church and she remarked condescendingly, “you’re not seriously involved with them are you?”   He responded very well that yes indeed he was, that he believed the Bible and had in fact also started a Creationist club on campus as well !  She was very taken aback and walked away not a little disgusted. Today this young man is a distinguished professor in a  large Christian university where he continues to stand for the Bible and it’s view of creation and continues to confound the so called “scientific” community with his articles, etc.

None of us humans were there at creation. However God was and He has left us with an account as to how it all went down.  The view we have of it is accepted by faith then and the smart and truly wise play to make is to accept what God has said not the fleeting theories of men. We who accept Scripture understand this but people who claim science to be their guide and with it observation say the facts don’t support God’s Word. Yet they jam their observations into their preconceived notions of things and are colored by their faulty explanations and systems.   We who are saved must be careful to not to do the same though in other areas.  Do you put God in a box? Do you make Him in your own image?   If we concoct a God to Whom we truly believe we won’t be accountable then this can likely reveal itself in us saying things that are unkind or unloving to others.     God is love, so wrote John in 1Jn.4:8, but if we believe He is somehow less than this it can in our minds express itself as an insecurity of some sort: “How could He love me after I tripped up three times already today?”  Didn’t Peter and God loved him still?  Or, I strive to please people so much that what they think eclipses what God has said and how He is, indeed a God of love Who has accepted you already “in the Beloved (Christ)” [Eph.1:6].

The “science” guys will come and go, they will become the ones extinct in God’s kingdom, for truth will endure and the non-believing guesses of men will expire. As a Christian, we must make it our business to simply believe what God has said on all matters and walk by faith because what we do have to believe in His Word is THE Truth !!

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