The Family of God

I got  a call yesterday from my sister saying she would like to visit a little before she goes back to Connecticut. So we spent some time this afternoon together with our Mom and her kids.  It was an effort on her part as she drove some hours today then will even more tomorrow on her return home.  I got up earlier to get things done, did some work beforehand I normally wouldn’t have to spend the time with them, my efforts were smaller in comparison to hers but strong family ties and the effort to build them is worth it. We enjoyed the time together once again, despite the sibling ribbing ! HA ! 

Jesus Christ exerted the MAXIMUM effort to place us in the family of God, He died for us !   And because of this effort we’ll reap tremendous benefits.  When John recorded Revelation for us one of the verses he jotted down was this: “And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it.”  (21:24).   The “it” here refers to the “glory of God” specifically as personified in the “Lamb” (Jesus) !!   Those who have been born again by asking God’s forgiveness for being a sinner and accepting Jesus as Savior will spend QUALITY time with the “family” throughout all eternity ! Where I should say the “time” in quality time is perhaps not a proper phrase then for time will be a non-issue !!

Good friends and family in far away places like Tanzania, China, Hawaii, Indiana, even Connecticut will be with us so much more in eternity.  We’ll have forever to enjoy the ties that bind us !  Do you miss your family/friends?  Do you wish you could spend more time with them?   You will, my friend, you will ! Thanks to the Lord’s maximum effort for us who have been saved !  Won’t it be great?   Think on this next time life here gets a little trying !

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