Fan the Flames

Perhaps one of the most commonly committed sins by believers who regularly attend a good Bible preaching church is the one mentioned by Paul in 1Thess.5:19 where he warned “Quench not the Spirit”. It literally is “STOP quenching the Spirit” in the original language telling us they’d been guilty of this.  To quench here means that they were suppressing His working in their hearts as they’d heard His Word.  By stifling what He was trying to do in them they were extinguishing His power and will in their lives.

As I think of Sunday (we call it the Lord’s day since the first day of the week is when He arose from the grave) I think of how He will try to speak to us at church through sermons, Sunday school lessons, even the people we worship alongside of.  For many of us its one of the best days to just clear out all the clutter of the voices speaking to you during the week and listen to the Lord. When we do and we don’t quench Him some great things can happen in us.  Those things we often supress usually are things that “hit a nerve” with us, the convicting stuff, the “yeah I gotta do that ONE OF THESE DAYS” things !  Why not make it THIS Lord’s day??  Why not bring joy to Him by REALLY listening well and making those changes He has been desiring in you?

The writer of Hebrews penned, “. . .Today if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts. . .” (Heb.3:15).  My high school football coach was a small man but we all admired him as he was very talented nearly winning a spot on a pro team for his quickness. But his smaller size was the reason he didn’t make it. Yet  his credentials and when he spoke to really get our attention was a real key in focusing us all on how he wanted to develop us for the game.   Think about it, God has ALL the credentials. Perfect in every way !   When He speaks there is then never a time we shouldn’t listen also remembering it is always for our betterment.   So make the most of the Lord’s day and every day – do not quench what He is saying to YOU.

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