The Fear of the Lord

Nancy and I were about to enter the Holy Land Experience in Orlando this spring when I noticed the man in line in front of us whip out his wallet to pay for his admission and his driver’s license showed him from Nebraska.  So I said “Hey welcome to the Big Ten, we’re from the Penn State area.”  After a little chit chat he said “You better look out this year” to which I responded back very sternly on the outside “You better look out !!”  Then of course, I laughed once I saw his reaction.  His face revealed some fear which he then explained was due to the reputation through the years that Penn State has demonstrated on the field as a football power.   Yes, we left on good terms. I complemented his team, he did ours and I told him realistically his team looked the better this year and yes Mike Martin, I expect the Cornhuskers to beat Ohio State, ha !

So what’s my point?  Fear !!  In particular, the fear of God.  The Bible is rife with the idea and for good reason. As we read and undersatnd the concept it is a very healthy notion for us. We need it in our lives and wise Solomon understood that as he scribed, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning (the head, chief, foundation) of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  (Prov.1:7).   A key verse in Proverbs, the wise king called for the fear of the Lord to be the basis in our life.    His father David stated, “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever” (Ps.19:7).

The fear of the Lord is that reverence and respect we all need given the fact that God is God and we are sinners. That His Word, as David said, is pure and so far be it from us to  not believe it.  When we do have the right perspective as to Who God is and in turn what His Word is it is then we can begin to truly learn and grow. We leave the way of the foolish and venture down the path of the sage or truly wise. Moreso than a football powerhouse, the Lord’s reputation is absolutely flawless and all-powerful. He is omniscient or all-knowing !  We respect or fear Him when we live in light of such facts. It keeps us on an even keel, deters us from sin, encourages us when things look scary, etc.  Not sure which way to turn, how things will go in the future, dogged by something in the past?  Fear the Lord, He is able !  Let all your decisions today be made in reverential awe to He Who loves you so !!


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