Fearfully and wonderfully made

Every year seems to bring more reports of crazy stories about Black Friday. This year’s topper is the woman out in L.A. who doused people with pepper spray trying to beat them to game equipment ! How selfish and shameless and inconsiderate of others, we’d rightly think.  But I suppose being pounded as we are as a society with secularist thinking what’s the big deal in her mind, right?  Yet what we think is very important because thinking becomes actions. Thus how critical as a society and as people within that society we think correct !

If, for example, man has evolved from lower forms of life and survival of the fittest is the deal rather than man was exquisitely created by the hand of God then what’s the biggie if we harm that life?  But God’s Word says, “I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Thy works: and that my soul KNOWETH RIGHT WELL”  (Ps.139:14).  You really ought to see this clip of the development of a human from conception as dramatically shown by this scientist who is admitting now there has to be a God ! It is well worth the watch and makes you think and marvel more at the God Who DID create us !  So,  take a few minutes to watch this incredible video and see how it makes you think:  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/astounding-viral-video-depicts-an-unborn-babys-full-development/

Isn’t our Lord amazing?  You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and so is that person “in your way”, remember that next time you would love to douse them somehow to get your agenda fulfilled.  Think how they were made in God’s image with His incredible wisdom and treat them with the respect and love we should.

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