Don’t You Forget

Never missing many opportunities to tease, yesterday my daughter texted me: “Are you at the bus stop?”  She had arranged for me to be there in her absence to insure an adult was there for Nicholas when he came home from school. So I texted her back jokingly with basically a “huh? what are you talking about?”  She knows me well enough to text back that she figured I was “yanking her chain” for a laugh but then I quickly assured her that I was there.   Yet in life in all seriousness, we are prone to forget aren’t we?  Can you remember the last time you did?  Now there’s a joke you may wanna forget !

At any rate, the psalmist in  the “Zain” part of Ps.119 issues a command in vs.49: “Remember !”  It’s a word that dominates these verses (49-56) to prompt us to recall just how vital it is that the Word is our focus every day.  He’s distressed in vss.49-51  so like him when we are, we too must remind ourselves of the comforting promises in God’s Word.  Its the Bible that is able to “quicken” or refresh us in such times.

Also, if we focus too much on the ways of the ungodly around us that can take its toll. We may view with disgust some of their ways, “Horror hath taken hold upon me because of the wicked that forsake Thy law.” (vs53) and before long we’re not so horrified, remember we still have their nature too !  But what brings us back to a postive mindset is the Word ! We can rejoice though the world around us is rotten to the core , “Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage.” (vs.54).

Finally, he speaks of darkness: “I have remembered Thy name, O Lord, in the night, and have kept Thy law.” (vs.55).   When its dark its hard to see, it prompts more fear since you aren’t able to see as in the light, it prompts others to do more evil thinking they aren’t seen by anyone.  Yet when darkness comes to us, remember you have the greatest light available to you in God’s Word !!   Maybe you have a big decision to make and you are unsure which way to go. When you’re in the dark, not sure of which way to turn , recall you do have a light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet !!  This is also why I believe the witer mentions  he kept the Law still. You may not see intially how things will turn out as you step through that door of faith but trust God’s Word to illuminate your path. We walk by faith, do we not?

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