Friday the 13th, bah humbug !!

Hey ! Did you realize today is Friday the 13th? Ha.  S’ok I’m not going off the deep end of superstition, I gave that up years ago, not long after becoming a Christian.  So stepping on cracks, walking under ladders, near black cats is all good now that I know Who controls it all !!  The superstitions and dark side things of life lose their power and fear over a person who recognizes and knows He Who is all-powerful !  The superstitions play upon our fears of the unknown yet the Scriptures posit in our minds the fear or reverence and understanding of the Lord. And that can be very comforting !!

The dictionary gives this description for ‘superstition’:  a widely held but unjustified belief.    Interesting !  Superstition delves into the arena of faith by qualifying as a belief yet its not justified but rather based on someone’s whim or fanciful idea as opposed to God’s say so on a matter. Someone long ago had a deal about black cats or broken mirrors, these fears led to crazy beliefs that some have adopted as truisms when in fact they only thing we can rightly trust is God and His Word !  As to Friday the 13th, you may have a bad hand dealt to you today but that isn’t because someone years ago did on the same calendar date, it’s because God allowed it and not for your bad but for your good ulitmately !

What kept Joseph on an even keel through all the trials he faced was knowing that God is working His plan despite those trials to bring about great good.  In Joseph’s case, God placed him in a position to save his family, his nation and his world of a great famine and to repair a fractured family (his own) even through life’s “Friday the 13th’s”.    No where clearer is Joseph’s understanding of this encapsulated the most than in Gen.50:20 where he utters to his brothers “But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.”    Joseph didn’t let his brother’s wicked actions off the hook by this statement of faith but he did forgive them and let them know that all our fears and foibles ultimately give way to the overall plan, wisdom and watchcare of God.  So you see, you needn’t live in fear of some date or old wives tale when you can fear the Lord !  Enjoy  friday the thirteenth – this is the day which the Lord has made !!

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