A Full Church

What a blessing yesterday to see so many folks out to church !  To be able to look around and see a good many of our families was a blessing indeed. There were some I know have been on vacation who were back, some who had been sick, others who have had struggles of late, some who have been overworked at their jobs, but they were there and ready to hear the Word !   In anticipation of our Sacrificial Sunday next week, the message was on this to prepare our hearts to make a sacrifice that pleases God.  So we looked at the widow of Zarephath who was willing to give what little grain she had left (which she thought would be her and her son’s final meal before they succumbed to starvation).  If you know the story, she gave it to the Lord for Elijah and it sustained the three of them for upwards of a year !!

I wonder though, whether your church is full or not next Sunday or this past one, will you or did you leave full?  A major  way we do is by giving ourselves totally to the worship then.    It is easy to blame the messenger and the message but as Jesus spoke in His Sermon on the Mount, we must first judge ourselves (Mt.7) and then we can others.  So did you leave full yesterday?    Did you go in and do you typically engage in worship with the mindset of giving your total being to Him or did you find yourself distracted (Satan loves when this occurs)?  Was your mind rested by a full night’s sleep planned the night before?  Were you prayerful beforehand to ask God to help you focus on what He has  for you to see when you worship?   Did you afterwards take a little time to meditate on what the message was from the Word of God and find ways to prayerfully and by His Spirit’s enabling apply that message?  What can you do today with it?

Yes, its a great thing to see a full church but even greater when God’s people leave full and digest what He has fed us with so that we may live lives unto His glory !!

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