The Gift of Life

Today is our daughter’s birthday and on a cold January night almost three decades ago I can recall driving my wife to the hospital as she was having her first contractions. The door to our jalopey of a  car had to be held shut as the latch was having problems that night and we rushed to the hospital thankfully just five minutes away. As she was being born I can still picture her as I beheld her for the very first time and watch her struggle to draw her first breath of air in the hospital room then to let out her first cry. And then as parents to hold her in our arms. It was an amazing experience as was the birth of our son later on.  Indeed “children are an heritage of the Lord” (Ps.127:3). Any good parent would attest it is one of the miracles of God !

Sadly, though, there are some people who conceive children that consider it fine to abort that baby for whatever reason they deem. Not long ago I came across a quote, “It is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish” !  How true.  Yet since 1973 with Roe v. Wade millions of babies have been aborted which should sicken every decent person.  I’ve often thought and told others that with the advance of technology allowing us to know and see more of the unborn, America will soon come to realize how wrong it has been on abortion being a viable option and this disgusting law overturned. Many surveys are telling that the tide has turned indeed and more Americans are against this heinous sin than ever before !

We are glad for our daughter and thank God He has blessed us with her. She has grown into a fine young woman who has always loved children and the Lord. So Happy Birthday my little girl. All my love !!!   Take some time today to thank and encourage those loved ones in your life for the gift that they also are from the Lord !! Life is precious indeed.

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