The Best of Gifts

It’s now two days before Christmas and kids are waiting in eager anticipation and  adults are hoping for just a little more time  !!  How are you doing now? Tired? Frustrated? Happy?   We sure do run the gamut of emotions at this time of year with so much happening don’t we?  But it sure is a wonderful time of year as our hearts are turned once again to His great gift to us !

What was your favorite Christmas gift growing up? Do you have one that stands out?    As a boy I remember my Dad starting his own business and he was starting to succeed so he decided one Christmas to splurge a little and he bought the family a snowmobile !   Wow, did we have fun with that gift !   Driving into the trails deep into the woods, doing daring jumps over snowbanks. As a younger teen I was thrilled.  But not too many years back I remember going back home and seeing that snowmobile all worn out, rusty, and unable to run and all I had were the memories with it (pleasant as they were).    My point is that no matter what was your best gift, it truly pales in comparison to the gift God has given to us in salvation through Jesus Christ !  It’s the gift that won’t wear out, ever !   We will enjoy it throughout eternity and what happened that first Christmas as Jesus took on flesh initiated for us what He would do at the cross.  Joy to the world indeed.


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