God, Our Shield from Worry

I do not think its a stretch at all to conclude that all of us have worried and all of us at some point in the future will struggle with the temptation to worry. Those of us who have been under good preaching know what the Bible says about such anxiety, it is to put it bluntly, sin, since it is a relinquishing of what should be a trust in the Lord.    The best joke I’ve ever heard that captures what to do about worry is this one (forgive me church members):  A man was always worrying and so much so his whole demeanor and face always looked so worrisome. But one day he was so carefree and a friend asked why. He told him he had hired someone to do all his worrying for him to which his friend replied “I’ve never heard of such a thing, how much will that cost you?”  The former worry wart said “$1,000 per day.”   His friend shot back, “But how are you going to afford that?”  The new, happy man replied, “I don’t know, that’s his worry !!”

There are myriads of verses in the Bible urging us of the error of worry and teaching us instead to do all we can and leave the rest to God. One of my fav’s is  1Peter 5:7 which says “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you” ! When we look at a crisis, for example, and worry what we are in effect doing is NOT exercising faith in an omnipotent, infinitely wise God. We are also signaling to others around us that God is really not God and unable to help me through this one, I must hold the reins in this situation for He cannot. And my problem is bigger than the God Who allowed it ! The angels must shake their heads at us for they know very clearly God’s abilities and character. But somewhere in our flawed thinking we haven’t or don’t want to understand that. For example, to worry for some is a way to manipulate the pity of others upon themselves (the worrier) and sometimes even elicit the help from others in getting through the situation that they and God should be doing together. Consequently we then forfeit an opportunity to grow through the matter.  In any case, our thinking needs a spiritual adjustment at these times, which is why it is imperative we regularly be under the influence of the Word. Whenever you find yourself worrying ask yourself how much have you really listened to and meditated on the Bible lately.  Because a worrier is meditating a good bit on his problem !

A verse that especially struck me recently in studying the Bible in Psalms 84 is this one: “Behold, O God our shield, and look upon the face of Thine anointed.” (vs.9). What the psalmist is saying here is that God is his defense & protector. What is a shield but a defensive weapon in the battle to ward off the enemies attacks?!   He is asking God to be that shield in this verse, for he knows he cannot win the victory without him but he also implies there is no legitimate matter or battle that we should worry about with such a Protector ! Therefore we needn’t worry, we must trust !   So what’s on your plate today?  Are you gonna worry or trust?!  Will you face the battle in your own strength and get all stressed out or enlist the help of the ALMIGHTY Who, by the way, deeply cares for YOU !!  You just do what His Word asks of you and leave the rest to HIM, and by the way, He won’t send you the $1000 per day bill either !!

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