Have a Great Trip !!

Sitting at the airport waiting to board, faith is required !   Will the people get us on the right flight, will the pilot get us there ok? Safely?  Glad I’m saved !   Amazing how so many flights get so many people to and fro to their destinations, yet God is even more amazing.  He never fails us to get us where He wants us.   Imagine the consternation of the disciples not long before Christ left them to be crucified and in Jn.14.  He said He was the Way, the Truth and the Life and that their hearts needn’t be troubled, simply believe Him.

Remember some years back that bumper sticker saying “God is my Co-pilot” ?   I understand what they meant but better said perhaps should’ve been reworded, He’s my Pilot, period !   Just like at an airport, sometimes you’re waiting on God to “board”, you’re experiencing a “layover”, or you have strapped on the seat belt and are now taking off  but God has “travel plans” for you. Sometimes there is a little “turbulence” but follow His Word today in your decisions He places in your journey.  So, what course will be charted in your life today?   Will you allow Him to pilot you?  Will you entrust Him as you make decisions in concurrence with His Word?  If so, you will get there just fine !!!

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