The Hand of God

Boalsburg, where we live, is reported to be the “birthplace of Memorial Day” as some ladies back around the time of the Civil War were said to have started the tradition of honoring their loved ones who’d died in that war by decorating their graves.  So every year here now there is a huge celebration with a carnival, big craft show, etc.

But not many years back one of the leaders of the Civil War reenactors of this event was speaking before the crowd in dedication of a statue to these ladies. The day had been quite overcast and it looked like a bit of rain might even postpone this ceremony but as “Colonel Dearing” arose to begin he started with a prayer and even asked that God might hold off the rain for just a little bit to dedicate this statue. Just as He spoke those words the clouds quickly parted and a beam of sunshine came down on us to which Col. Dearing looked to the heavens and said with gratitude but also a wry smile, “Thank you, Lord !”    It was a moment I appreciated and later on I told the Colonel so !!

How much do you really see the hand of God at work around you or through you?   Read some of the accounts of our Founding Fathers and they sure did, which is why modern day historians so detest and malign them and do their best to keep true accounts of these men’s lives from us.  The early church saw the hand of the Lord at work, do we?   Sometimes I think we’re so busy trying to run our own lives we’re oblivious to His hand !  We’re too tired to enjoy His artwork in a beautiful sunset, too flustered at our trial to notice God truly is in it “working all things together for good” (Rom.8:28).   Have you ever prayed for something and failed to notice right away that it really was answered as you looked back at the situation some days later?

In Genesis, it states that two men in particular “walked with God”: Noah and Enoch.  It’s not that Adam didn’t or Abrahamwasn’t  but Noah and Enoch are singled out by that expression to perhaps nurture in us the need to stay close with Him.  I find as I walk often at night with my wife, these are great times of fellowship and drawing close, especially after a busy day.  We come together and its very enjoyable, often enlightening for us but how much more with God.  So we must do our best to stay in close connection with Him, confessing our sin, talking to Him about our problems and our blessings.  And then as we are its much more encouraging and easy to see the hand of God !!

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