Let’s Hang Out !

Tuesdays I’ve been leading a parenting class at our church and it’s been great to bring out truths in the Bible on this subject but to also fellowship with and hear what these parents are going through and to know that their questions and concerns have solid and right answers in God’s Word. What a joy to chat with them, listen to them discuss things, laugh and sip coffee and enjoy a snack with them and just spend a little time “hanging out” !!

So let me focus today a bit on the fellowship aspect.  When the events recorded in Acts were happening, fellowship was a very special part of the fledgling and growing church.  Note what Luke recounts for us, “And they (the disciples) continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship.  . .” (2:42). Once I heard a pastor speaking about how the Bible helps us to recover from abuse (of any form) and mentioned the term “support group”.  He said that though that term kind of gives him the “heebie jeebies” being used so by psychology, it nonetheless is what the church is !  And in fact, when you think about it, the church is THE greatest support group !!  When you gather with other believers, you actually enjoy being also with Christ, even though IN others ! That is perhaps what we feed off of and enjoy the most as believers who love the Lord.

John stated that one of the hallmark traits of a person truly being saved is that they love other believers. Listen carefully to this verse: “We know that we have passed from death unto life , because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.”  (1 Jn.3:14).  So next time you head off to church remember its not just about sitting and taking in a sermon, or getting involved with some service its also (and just as crucial) about fellowshipping.   And that, bear in mind, is a two way street.  As you are walking with the Lord, others benefit from being around you and you them !   Some folks due themselves a HUGE disservice by coming late, leaving early and not participating in this fellowship.  Maybe you know someone at your church who struggles with fellowship, they are a bit backward about conversing and socializing- draw them in, make it your mission to open them up and engage them, invite them over during the week or after church. Keep it simple at first but help them as likely someone did for you once.   Its good for them, good for your church, good for you !!

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