Helping a Stray

My daughter called me this morning a little frantic saying, “Dad, I have a dilemma and wondered if you could help me?”  She was headed to get groceries and in the road wandering around was a little dog. So she stopped to help it and immediately it jumped in her car, frightened and a bit disheveled. It had a collar but no tags. So I got on the phone to call the dog shelter to see if we could determine if it had a chip in it to locate the owner.  But no such luck, so we’re on the hunt now for the rightful owner. Anyone want a dog out there? Ha !!

Lost !!  Imagine in this little canine’s mind what it must be going through?  “Where’s my master? Where am I, who is this new lady, etc?” !!!  Aren’t you glad you’re not lost once you have asked the Lord to save you?  We have a home, we always have a present Master Who is there to listen, care for and protect us !    Lost !!  Aren’t you glad you aren’t anymore?  Jesus stated in no uncertain terms that ” the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Lk.19:10) – US !!  He did the job, so first make sure you have been truly saved, then make sure by His enabling you are doing all you can that others too can be found in Him !

Most of us can relate to the kind actions of our daughter, to stop the car, call to this little dog and bring it in from the elements into the safe haven of her car and her arms,  but there are people all around each of us every day more lost than that wayward pet and one stark difference is they don’t even realize it.  You are being extremely kind to share with them the gospel, to faithfully pray for them, to be very serious about your testimony around them (watching what you say, what you put into your mind) so that your attitudes and actions reflect Jesus Christ !   There are strays all around us friends, do your part for the Master and for them !  Is there a “stray” God has brought to your mind just now?  Do what you can for them TODAY !!

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