Honor to Whom Honor is Due

“Honor to whom honor” is due  (Rom.13:7), so wrote the apostle Paul of our obligation to pay our respects where it is appropriate.  Troy, a man in our church, and I met for coffee this morning and we noticed many former football players who had played at Penn State where we were who were obviously arriving in the area for the funeral of Joe Paterno.  Why? To pay their respects to a man who they rightly honor and who has made a positive impact upon their lives.  The many out of state plates showed they’d come from distances and taken the time and expense to pay their respects.

How about you? There is undoubtedly someone in your life to whom you could show honor. Maybe its that person who led you to Christ and/or discipled you?  Someone who God used at some point to really challenge and encourage you spiritually. Have you ever thanked them or taken the time to show them in some way your appreciation?   What about someone living under your own roof who tirelessly and faithfully serves the Lord and your family? Why not do something to honor them today?  Sure it may exact a cost but it will please the Lord and spur them on to keep on keeping on !  And it doesn’t necessarily need to be something extravagant but the effort and love you put into it may be of great help to them in a time they particularly need it too !

Sadly, many times such honoring is done too late (when that person has passed). Why not do so now?  Don’t get me wrong, its good to honor such people as JoePa at this time for his family and memory but God has people He uses around you all the time who are plodding along faithfully who we could show our gratitude and respect for and when we do it prevents us from becoming self-absorbed and prompts us to be more selfless.  So the command in Romans is a great one in more ways than one !   Honor someone today, in so doing you honor the Lord !!!

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