Not in My House !!

Some of you may’ve heard the story of 18 year old Sarah McKinley. She lost her husband to cancer on Christmas day just a couple of weeks ago and was stalked since then by a man.  This evil man attempted to break into her home but Sarah wasn’t going to stand for it, she knew it was either her and her baby boy or this man.  Armed with shotgun and pistol she killed the intruder once he broke in and sent his wicked accomplice running !  What a brave gal she was !!!

Sarah was ready. Sarah was not afraid to protect what had been graciously given to her by God, her life and the life of her precious child. Will you be ready this year?  Hopefully, not from some home invasion that will occur but are you ready to protect what has been given you, when what God has given you is assaulted and others try to wrest those precious gifts of God, will you respond as you should?

An example is, how about the assaults Hollywood makes into YOUR living room? Are you going to put up with their language and lifestyles? Not long ago in flipping through the channels I saw two young ladies planning to be married (to each other !!). While some in our nation try to tear away at biblical morality and “push the envelope”, we need to stand up for what is right and push back !   If it means I will not watch that, pay for that or for sponsors who support such filth we need to take a stand on the Word.  David wrote, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside, it shall not cleave unto me” [Ps.101:3], don’t allow the slow, steady drip of media sewage to pollute your soul and dampen your zest for the Lord ! Satan is so slick about this kind of attack.

Also, shoot the gospel gun more often this year !  I am issuing some weekly challenges to our church this year that are simple, yet will foster growth in us. One that we’ll do this week is to distrubute at least one tract each day this week. Paul used the metaphor of the soldier in Eph.6 and he said this in vs.15, “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” !  We hear more and more the ever boldening words and actions of those who deny the Lord. It’s high time we speak out for the Lord and no better message we have than the gospel of peace !!  Ask the Lord to help you be a better and bolder witness this year, ask Him to help you be sensitive to see the opportunities He provides and for the help and wisdom to seize upon them for Him.   How is a farmer ever going to expect a harvest unless he first sows a crop?   I was saved because someone gave out a tract when they bought gas for their car, from that not only was I saved but eventually a church was started and hundreds have been saved through our church since.  So never minimize the value of just one attempt to share the gospel and what good it can do for our world !!      The enemy is lurking, looking to take away the message God has given you, the impact you can make through prayer, the effect of a godly testimony you can make upon others –  defend these gifts and be like a Sarah for the glory of God this year !!

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