The Joy of the Lord

Yesterday in  my blog I wrote about Betty. Yesterday I also visited her in the hospital and she was doing well and hopes soon to be discharged. But we had an interesting conversation.  I told her how impressed I was that at her age (almost 100) she is always at our monthly service unless she is physically unable to be there.  She told me she was very grateful our church comes each month and one of her compliments made me think some. She stated he enjoys seeing our people from our church come, “They are always smiling !”   So after we concluded our chat and I prayed with her, I pondered what she said again.   And I thought, while we all have our trials at times, there is a joy that only we can rob from ourselves which the Lord gives to His yielded people for joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit as Paul wrote about in Galatians 5:22:  “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace. . . ” .

Betty often sits in the same place (nearest to the pulpit), sips on her coffee or tea and listens and watches !!   You too are being watched by someone !  Do they see the joy of the Lord?  Sure, they may see you in a trial, they may see you sad at times, but is there this genuine underlying joy that comes simply by being right with your Creator?   Most people grow crabbier as they age, for they allow the things of this old sinful world to shape their attitudes. But the wonderful thing about being a child of God is we don’t have to settle for such cynicism when we have the Spirit within !

Betty looked me in the eye and said, “I’m so glad you paid a call on me !”   So after I left, I texted one of our ladies in the church to see if on short notice she or another one of our Deaconesses could pay Betty a visit that evening.   I’m grateful too, we have members who truly care (which is another indication God is growing us: LOVE) and who would take time after working all day to make a hospital visit !  Where would we be without the Lord manufacturing His traits in us?   Aren’t you glad you can share in His attitudes?!  So today, decide to allow Him to control your heart and when you do His joy, His peace, His love will be seen in you too !!



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