Key to a Long and Great Relationship

Thirty years, three decades, WOW !   That’s how long my wife and I have been married as of today.  Not many people can say they have enjoyed a marital relationship for that length of time, and to be truthful, it is only by God’s grace any of us can say such a thing since every good gift and perfect gift is from ABOVE ! (James 1:17).   Solomon learned eventually that “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord.”  (Prov.18:22).  I found a “good thing” but not without the Lord. I was a “big dumb animal” when it came to the fairer sex until God showed me principles from His Word as to what kind of a mate is right.

In Bible college I had many opportunities to find a wife, as did many of my male counterparts, but she caught my eye and my heart.  Not only was and is she pretty but she was and is pretty inside !!  She was striving to do God’s will and so was I, she was saved (Jn.3:3), she was desirous to give her life to God (Rom.12:1), she was willing to be conformed to Him rather than this decaying world and it’s inferior values (Rom.12:2), so when I asked her out for the first time, being I was desirous of those things too and was also well liked at school I thought I was a “shoo-in”. Instead she shrugged her shoulders rather than just, as I figured she’d just automatically say an enthusiastic “Yes” !!    We still laugh about that and I still in jest hang that over her head.  But she did that because she wanted to be ethical to another gal she knew liked me in her dorm and unbeknownst to my future bride, she was being used of the Lord to put a proud young man in his place !   But it all came out pretty good despite me !!

I don’t mean to bore any of you reading with our live’s details but that aside it’s fitting to honor her today and even moreso a great God Who has given us thirty awesome years together.  Without Him we would not have met, wouldn’t know how to find a great spouse, nor live with them in harmony for such a span of time !!  Thank you Lord for You and my lovely wife !!

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