Be Kind to Your Spiritual Siblings

“Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another.”  That’s what the apostle Paul wrote in Rom.12:10. we are told to show genuine honor to each other by putting self behind others.  Oh what a world that would be if taken seriously !  I think any Mom or Dad worth their salt understands this as they do much for their children as they are being raised.  God has wisely designed the home and wired us toward our children to encourage us in this direction.

The word translated “kindly affectioned” has to do with the parent-child relationship and suggests that towards each other as believers needs to be a kindness and tenderness akin to those family relationships.  Do you really look at other Christians as a brother or sister?  They are, spiritually speaking ! Years ago those terms were bandied about in churches and the practice is not a bad one at all.    “Brotherly love” is the world philadelphia  which adds emphasis to the first term in the verse and then Paul moves on to say we are to in honor ( give weight or value to them in our mind and actions) prefer each other.  He means put them ahead of you.  So when you engage them in coversation, they should go away heartened that you truly heard what they had to say. When they have needs you not only know about them but pray for them and help where God allows.    When they get a chance to enjoy a blessing, we need to rejoice for them rather than mumble to ourselves why we couldn’t have and when they undergo a trial we are there for them.   Oh there are lots of applications to this verse, as simple as it is.  And yet this verse practiced has the potential for tremendous power in your church and in your relationships and can even be a source of attraction to the lost as  they see how we treat each other well.    Take it seriously today, do something to honor another child of God, it will bring joy to all and glory to God !


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