Leeking some good news for you

Recently I took our daughter’s dog on a long walk through the woods in search of leeks !  If you have never tried them, they are a wild onion and very tasty in soup.  So I stink up the house for a day or so making a ham and leek soup. My wife has stayed with me through even this !!

Needless to say what sometimes stinks to us may actually be good for us. Here are several benefits of leeks: They are high in protein (and so provide a sense of fullness and check needless weight gain) and beta carotene (helping supply vitamin A and ward off infection, for example), they contain vitamin C (especially in the green stems), they are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Leeks are also a natural antibiotic, they lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels properly. Additionally they prevent cardiovascular diseases, strengthen the immune system, and help with colds and infections. They contain an oil which assists us in better digestion and is a “cleaner of toxins” in the body. Finally the Lord placed in them vitamin E which helps promote healthier skin and is now believed to even be a steady defense against chronic diseases such as cancer !  And there are more benefits I have not listed or we do not yet know about more than likely !!! Our Creator is a fantastic and perfect Designer !!

By now you may be wondering, where can I get these?  What do they look like? They can be found in most grocery stores in the vegetable section but most of us this time of year probably pass by leeks on a regular basis in many parts of the country as we drive and walk about not even noticing these wondrous plants God has made for our benefit !! They resemble a green onion.   But two points to make spiritually:  (1)  What may “smell” to us may actually be very, very good for us !   (2) What we really need to be well may be right in front of our noses, we just need to see it and seize  it.

There are many commands God gives us we naturally chafe against (witnessing, Matt.28:19-20; reading our Bibles, Josh. 1:8;  going to church, Heb.10:25; submitting your will to His, Rom.6; etc.)  but when we do them we find a multitude of benefits begins to kick in for us !     And if we shun the sweet smell of obedience to His Word we will then look elsewhere for “happiness” in things, improper relationships, control of others or even God Himself  yet all along there is the simplistic yet powerful options of trust, His peace through communion with Him, and the power to live as we ought as we stay in harmony with Him moment by moment.   So don’t merely “eek” out life, partake of  the blessings of what He’s already provided for your every need and benefit !!

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