Lift Your Head Up !

Babies have become  a lot more cooler in my book in the past year or so what with seeing young parents in our church with them and enjoying our first grandbaby !  Today I checked out a video of seeing our new granddaughter start to lift her head now. Its fascinating the progress they make and quickly so. Its a joy seeing little ones at church start to smile and soon comes the crawling and walking, then formation of words. Its all good to us adults who have especially had our own babies and now witness it all over again with the next generation !

When Peter wrote his final book of Second Peter he aptly ended it on a high note and he spoke also of growth when he wrote, “But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. . . ” (3:18).  His parting concern was that we all do this.  God doesn’t like for His children to not progress any more than it would greatly concern us if ours didn’t. Note two key words in the verse” “grace” & “knowledge”. Working in concert one with the other, as we open up our heart to His energizing grace as we read and heed His Word we grow. We start to lift our head to the heavens, we start to talk more and think more Christlike, our behavior begins to fall in lockstep with Him then also, we grow ! God smiles !!

What can you do to grow more this week?  Sometimes its not as measurable to us right away, but when we are regularly taking time to spend with the Lord in His Word and praying, when we out of a heart of worship serve Him, its a done deal that we’ll grow. Make sure you set aside time every day this week to get alone with Him meditating carefully on what He’s said and asking Him to show you how to apply it. How about dwelling some on what you heard in the sermon at church  and acting in some way upon it?  What about devoting yourself to praying for some soul to bring to church for the Easter season services?  Or focusing on some habit that needs changing and replacing it with a more  spiritual alternative? Maybe when that temptation to worry or micromanage arises instead you trust the Lord. Either way, your Heavenly Father wants and expects you to grow and is thrilled when you are.  It’s pretty cool to see a baby develop well, even more awesome when a child of God does to the Lord !!

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