Light at the End of the Tunnel

In the final three sections of Ps.119 the writer speaks a good deal about trials.  In this longest chapter of the Bible, the psalmist shows us when his trials came he kept trusting God’s Word and praying, but here he gives reasons as to why God should be there for him in adversity.  These are like a light at the end of a tunnel. Do you recall the first time you ever went through one?  The first time I went through the tunnel near Pittsburgh was at night and as I finally emerged at the other end a brilliant and dazzling glimpse of the city awaited my sight. It was really cool to see !  Well here, our writer shines the light on some helps in trials.

One  reason is that God is our Redeemer as he writes in vss.153-55. Twice in those verses is the phrase “deliver me” which is redemptive in nature.  The entire passage (vss.153-160) starts with the word “consider” which here is a request to see or give attention to his needs. Also, the words “plead” and again “deliver” speak to God as our “Kinsman Redeemer” meaning when we are afflicted He takes note and as His child He will get you through it. Redemption then, is more than the proverbial “fire escape” from hell, He is there in your darkest hours to help YOU ! Got a tough spot? He’s there for you, keep following Him, it will end well !

Another reason why God will be there for us in life’s tough spots is that He is merciful (vss.156-158).  “Great” and “Many” which begin the first two verses here are the same words in Hebrew that have been translated differently in English for writing style, yet convey the idea that though his trials and tormentors be “a lot” yet the “tender mercies” of God are even more !   We’re prone to focus on the negative things and not the positive things of God and its no wonder then that we get down. Reverse this by dwelling on the facts of God’s blessings (His permanent love, ETERNAL life and bliss, no more pain and sorrow one day, no more sin nature or sinful world, the opportunity to pray, the availability of God’s strenght, the peace OF God, etc.) and the burdens will lighten !    While its often true that many times we don’t deserve the trials that come our way and we think in disgust “Why me, I don’t deserve to be treated so?”, but its equally true we don’t deserve the mercies of God since we have all failed Him so many times ourselves !   Ahh, mercy !!

Then a final reason: God is trustworthy (vss.159-160).   God WILL respond in our times of trouble since His Word is reliable.  Your trials are never permanent, my friend, but God’s Word is, as he writes here:  “Thy Word is true from the beginning: and every one of Thy righteous judgments endureth forever” !!   Nice to know we have such a great God when our trials seek to overwhelm us isn’t it?

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