Keep Making a Difference

I was sitting next to a woman who was the mom of player on the other team our grandson was playing in soccer. She made a very encouraging comment about him. She said he has shown very good sportsmanship this year.  And as we look at the progress he’s made from troubled inner city boy to a young man who has been saved and grown spiritually the credit ultimately goes to God, period !  Yes, his parents have worked hard at instilling right values and a sense of fair play and such but without the Lord and His Word we’d all be a mess.

A verse I often quote to our church, especially prior to taking up the offering, is James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from above from the Father or lights with Whom is no variableness or shadow of turning.”   Indeed anything of merit, any semblence of excellence is due to Him as the verse suggests.  Look back at how far He has brought you in your thinking and practices.  To Him belongs the glory !    Aren’t you thankful you can go to a church not far from where you live and be taught TRUTH?   Aren’t you grateful to see people who model it around you ?  This past week I was counselling with a couple who have been attending our church and after asking them what they think of it he said, “It’s different, but a good different, to be around people who really care for each other, when I see so much the opposite at work and out in the world.”  What a good testimony from our grandson and our church, yes, but what a blessing that we can even know what’s right and the Spirit helps us to be Christlike !

So keep at your testimony, friend, people are watching and they are impacted when they see Christ in YOU and we should ever verbalize our thanks to a great God Who has graciously given us so much !!

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